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VoIP Services Reinforced by a 24/7 Network.

Your clients anticipate voice with their benefit bundles. As a provider, that’s what they would want you need to deliver. With Groupe Macrobell’s wholesale VoIP services, it’s super easy to provide them with the most reliable and best voice service Cloud-Based Voice Services: Efficient and Cost-beneficial When providers shift to Groupe Macrobell's cloud-based VoIP services, they can start an entirely new VoIP service or lower the costs of the existing ones.

Handled VoIP Services

Groupe Macrobell allows you to assure your clients get the reliable, high quality and low maintenance Voip services they need.

DID Origination Inbound Voice

Groupe Macrobell gives the industry’s biggest local voice grid, with phone numbers accessible in more than 1,000 on-net rate centers.

SIP Trunking Services

Interconnect with Groupe Macrobell – our SIP Trunking service offers international and national coverage for outbound and inbound calls.